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The doujinshi section has its first uploaded title: Get Smile Wild Life. Unfortunately, though I was expecting the arrival of the Comic Anthology, I am unsure when we'll be reading the Comic Anthology in English. I will pester the guy in charge and keep you all updated on its arrival. However, Get Smile Wild Life will have to do.

Yes, I'm also aware of some broken images (top/bottom bars, a few links). I will get to those when I can, though right now they arent on the top of my priority list. Expect some more doujin in the future, I'm not sure which one to start scanning next. Also, my email lately has been kinda screwy, so you might wanna head to the messageboard instead--after all, it IS the best way to contact me. Until then...


Phew, I finally got some free time in my life to fix all the busted links. Thanks to all that pointed them out and thanks to those who have been patient. I have also decided to give you guys a sneak peak into the translated Comic Anthology, which you can see below. The launch date of the english Comic Anthology has not yet been determined, however it is coming sometime before June. My schedule lately has been extremely busy, my finals are approaching in a few weeks and I'm getting packed down with homework, especially a lot of work to do in my art classes. Anyway, as I've said, here is a preview of the Comic Anthology, which contains half of the story "Dawn."

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Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8




Grand opening, The Xenogears Image Archive version 6 is fully operational with the exception of the doujinshi section, which is currently under rennovation. However, as to be expected, there are probably broken links. These things tend to happen in the uploading process: you forget things, mistype or misplace things, etc. Feel free to let me know. But moving on:

-For those who still use the zzn email, the service is still up. http://zenogears.zzn.com
-The Xenogears OST that I had broadcasting is most likely still in broadcast, however I've lost interest in it and figured that those who are interested in listening to the OST will have it bookmarked.
-Fan art, as always, is welcome. Submit, submit, submit!

Perfect Works images are complete. The grand total of quality scans reaches 447. Next stop, scanning doujinshi.
Alright, this is a very rough look of XIAv6. At the moment I'm just doing some testing: getting used to the layout, determining what I'm going to be doing and how this site will flow with its current layout. This is the first nonframes site for XIA that I've done, and it seems that it'll go rather well. Hopefully, this will be the last and final version of XIA. Once i get everything completed (which will take awhile), then I can just leave this site up as an archive for people to search through. I apologize for the delay in this update. If you were to look at all the scanning I have to do...well you'd suddenly lack motivation, too, heh.
Until next time, ciao.
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